"Lo Monaco is a powerhouse of creativity and raw musical energy in the studio. The new single ‘Slow Decay’ is a fusion of organic and electronic instruments. Drawing on influences such as Dermot Kennedy, Bon Iver and Alt-J. It is a sonic fusion that sounds unique yet warmly familiar. Lo Monaco’s vocal is dynamic and delivers a heartfelt message about a slow decaying love story, in a beautiful and poignant way."”

— Gareth Hudson - Hazy Cosmic Jive Studio -


Slow Decay

After his Stella debut single release for his song, "Take Me" in Feb 2020, Lo Monaco is gearing up to release his sophomore single, "Slow Decay."

Slow Decay is a romantic, slow decaying love story that has been developed over the past 8 years of Lo Monaco's writing career. He began writing Slow Decay as a 17 year old kid, in hope to produce an above average love song... which in his eyes, fell well short of the mark, greatly due to the lack of lyrical substance according to the now 25 year old creative.

Since growing as an individual and an artist, through experiencing what life has to offer in relation to love, loss and relationships...   Lo Monaco decided to re write the whole lyrical content and is now extremely fond of the piece as a whole and is looking forward to another successful release. 

The Vocal production itself is fierce in delivery yet shows vulnerability and emotion beyond his years.

While drawing on influences of great idols such as Alt-j, Dermot Kennedy and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver,) Lo Monaco has created his own definitive sound. The young songwriter is now falling into the contemporary folk pop genre with his mixture of electronic and organic instruments. Whilst exploring himself as an artist, the production journey has added another definitive bow to his musical craft!

Slow Decay will be released at 12am on the 25th of September 2020



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E: nathan.lomonaco1@gmail.com